Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mea Culpa!!

I am so sorry!  It's been so long since my last posting here! I do apologize!! But, it's been such a busy time and I've not felt real well, what with winter coming in and everything.
I have been stitching like mad lately, but I still did not get the one thing I wanted done by Christmas, but I will be working on it later today and tomorrow and hopefully will have if finished by then.  I doubt she will be upset that it is late, considering the pattern!  LOL
Now that I've given my daughter and son-in-law their big present, I can finally release a picture out to cyberworld, lol.  I was afraid to do it earlier because I just knew someone would see it and tell them about it.
Here it is, Once Upon a Time by Passione Ricamo which I turned into a wedding sampler for daughter/son-in-law.
They loved it!  Of course so do I!  It turned out so nicely, I was quite pleased.  My framer picked out the mats for it (and he always does a wonderful job).
I'm hoping to remember to take a picture of my other completed piece so I can post it here also!
Well, that's all for now, everyone is downstairs making a racket so I need to see what is going on!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I hate sad news...

I so hate bad news!!  I just received the news that a good friend of mine who is only 41 years old has Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.  It has spread to her spinal cord and a couple of other places.
She had her first mammogram at age 40, last year and found a tumor.  She decided to have a radical mastectomy and chemo.  However earlier this year, she was having excruciating back pain and when she (finally) got in to see her doctor and have the scans done, it was discovered she had lesion/tumor on her spinal cord.
I used to babysit this girl when we were both younger.  Her mother and father (who is now deceased) were some of  my dad's best friends.  Her mother is a wonderful woman and has already been through hell with her husband's illness (he had Alzheimer's/dementia along with other issues) and now she has to help her only daughter through this.

On the plus side of the day--it was a sunny, warm day.  High temp actually got up to 79 degrees today!  I sat outside basking for a while today (after I had done a little organizing of my stitching room)!

Please hold my friend in your thoughts and prayers.  Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer is not an easy road to navigate!

Thank you all!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's been a pretty good week, but....

It was a wonderful week until yesterday!  All  week long I was able to sit outside in my anti-gravity lounge chair (those are the most awesome chairs!) and stitch in the sun!!  From Sun -Tue I was able to do this.  The best part?  Being able to "sack out" as my kids put it out on my front porch with my music playing via mp3 player.  What bliss!!

However, Tuesday afternoon, around 4 pm I sat up, and realized something nasty was blowing in.  There had been no clouds at all that day and all of a sudden they were coming in FAST!!  So I packed up my stitching and drink and came inside.  About 15 minutes later, the rain started pouring down and the temp dropped by about 15 degrees in less than 10 minutes. 

That was the end of my blissful days outside.  :(  This was a huge cold front that came in.  My town was even all over the Weather Channel today because of the lightning storm we had last night (Wednesday) that caused a 68 minute weather delay during our college football game (which we lost, of course).

Thursday's high temperature actually was at around 6 am, rest of the day was grey, dismal and chilly!!  The next few days are going to be the same.  Hopefully by this weekend, things will warm up a little and the sun will shine again!

I am almost finished with page 7 of Fay Eye.  Only 2 more pages to go!  I can't wait to get her finished so I can take a picture of her and post it and start on something else!  I have ordered Selene thru ECC, and hopefully I will get  her soon!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well, winter apparently is here now :(

Well, apparently we are not going to have an autumn this year!  :(  

It hasn't gotten above 58 degrees for 5 days now, 3 of those days have been the nasty, gloomy, dank, rainy days too.  Needless to say, it is not good for my poor aching body!  Haven't gotten anything done around the house, just sitting in my recliner watching TV and stitching on Fae Eyes!!

I just finished page 6 earlier this evening and then started some on page 7!!  Just 3 pages to go and she will be done and I can finally get back to Fairy of Dreams!  I have ordered the bling that goes with Selene and am anxiously awaiting for some money to order her!  LOL 

I'm also anxiously awaiting the fabric for her, which my dear friend (I won't mention any names) is supposed to be sending me.  Of course, I know she has been sick the past couple weeks, so I guess I will cut her some slack for that, lol.

Nothing different on the home front.  Hubby still has not found a job (like there are any around here anyway).  He is trying to get on for a job writing articles for Yahoo News and other online information.  Since he has a background in journalism, it should be a perfect fit!  Pay isn't all that great, but chance to improve and move up is there if he can prove himself! Fingers crossed for him!!

Well, it's now 2:38 am and I need to get to bed, but I'm hurting so badly I don't know if I will get any sleep.  That's the worst part of this cold weather! I did put my heated mattress pad and flannel sheets on my bed today though, so if I get too cold, I can go in there and lie down!  LOL

Hoping everyone who reads this is having a good life!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Enjoying these last few days of warmth!

I've been thoroughly enjoying these last few days of summer and the first 2 days of autumn!  LOL  Every day has seen me outside on the front porch, reclining and stitching away while I listen to music!!  It's been blue skies, lots of sun and temperatures in MY range!! 
We have hit 90 degrees every day this week!  I love it!!  Everyone else in the house (especially hubby) have been griping about the heat, but me, I just bask away.  I have my spray bottle and I just spray water on my legs every so often-- sort of like basting a chicken while roasting, lol!!  :)
Unfortunately, there is a cold front coming (which I have been feeling for the past 3 days), so Friday will probably be the last day I have to totally enjoy the heat and sun!! 
So, today, I'll lie back in my recliner, put my headphones on and just stitch and listen!  Hopefully I'll even fall asleep for a little while!  That is another thing I love to do--fall asleep out in the sun!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Copy of Liza Minnelli Tix!

Just had to post a couple of pix I took of my ticket to the Liza Minnelli concert here in town (last week's concert).  What a spectacular performer she is!  She may not be able to prance around the stage like she used to do, but she surely can strut her stuff and she most certainly can still belt out "Cabaret" and "New York, New York"!!!
The pix are not the best as once again I use my camera phone---now where did I put my digital camera NOW???  Will have to find it and keep it handy, lol!!

WIP on Fae Eyes

Here is an updated picture of my WIP on Fae Eyes by Passione Ricamo.  This picture was taken on 9-16-2010.  Not best quality as was taken by my phone camera!  Have to find regular digital camera now!  LOL  She is a very large design and lots of confetti in her, but as usual, Laura has created something entirely new and beautiful!!