Friday, October 15, 2010

It's been a pretty good week, but....

It was a wonderful week until yesterday!  All  week long I was able to sit outside in my anti-gravity lounge chair (those are the most awesome chairs!) and stitch in the sun!!  From Sun -Tue I was able to do this.  The best part?  Being able to "sack out" as my kids put it out on my front porch with my music playing via mp3 player.  What bliss!!

However, Tuesday afternoon, around 4 pm I sat up, and realized something nasty was blowing in.  There had been no clouds at all that day and all of a sudden they were coming in FAST!!  So I packed up my stitching and drink and came inside.  About 15 minutes later, the rain started pouring down and the temp dropped by about 15 degrees in less than 10 minutes. 

That was the end of my blissful days outside.  :(  This was a huge cold front that came in.  My town was even all over the Weather Channel today because of the lightning storm we had last night (Wednesday) that caused a 68 minute weather delay during our college football game (which we lost, of course).

Thursday's high temperature actually was at around 6 am, rest of the day was grey, dismal and chilly!!  The next few days are going to be the same.  Hopefully by this weekend, things will warm up a little and the sun will shine again!

I am almost finished with page 7 of Fay Eye.  Only 2 more pages to go!  I can't wait to get her finished so I can take a picture of her and post it and start on something else!  I have ordered Selene thru ECC, and hopefully I will get  her soon!


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