Friday, September 24, 2010

Enjoying these last few days of warmth!

I've been thoroughly enjoying these last few days of summer and the first 2 days of autumn!  LOL  Every day has seen me outside on the front porch, reclining and stitching away while I listen to music!!  It's been blue skies, lots of sun and temperatures in MY range!! 
We have hit 90 degrees every day this week!  I love it!!  Everyone else in the house (especially hubby) have been griping about the heat, but me, I just bask away.  I have my spray bottle and I just spray water on my legs every so often-- sort of like basting a chicken while roasting, lol!!  :)
Unfortunately, there is a cold front coming (which I have been feeling for the past 3 days), so Friday will probably be the last day I have to totally enjoy the heat and sun!! 
So, today, I'll lie back in my recliner, put my headphones on and just stitch and listen!  Hopefully I'll even fall asleep for a little while!  That is another thing I love to do--fall asleep out in the sun!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Copy of Liza Minnelli Tix!

Just had to post a couple of pix I took of my ticket to the Liza Minnelli concert here in town (last week's concert).  What a spectacular performer she is!  She may not be able to prance around the stage like she used to do, but she surely can strut her stuff and she most certainly can still belt out "Cabaret" and "New York, New York"!!!
The pix are not the best as once again I use my camera phone---now where did I put my digital camera NOW???  Will have to find it and keep it handy, lol!!

WIP on Fae Eyes

Here is an updated picture of my WIP on Fae Eyes by Passione Ricamo.  This picture was taken on 9-16-2010.  Not best quality as was taken by my phone camera!  Have to find regular digital camera now!  LOL  She is a very large design and lots of confetti in her, but as usual, Laura has created something entirely new and beautiful!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's been a bad week

It's been a bad week this week  :(  Lots of pain due to the standing outside for 2 1/2 hours to get game for my son and then this weather change that has happened.  I so hate cold fronts.  They totally wreak havoc on my body.

I have completed 3 whole pages of Fae Eyes, and am now working on page 4.  She is being stitched on 14 count (can you believe that??) Aida by DMC.  It is one of the marbled pieces, grey marble I think.  But it actually goes very well with the colors!!

I haven't gotten a whole lot done this week due to the pain and headaches I've been having, but hopefully next week will get more done on her.  I have to get her done so I can get back to work on Fairy of Dreams (also a Passione Ricamo design) and also to get ready for Laura's newest beauty coming out soon (I hope really soon)!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How stupid can I be?

Well, apparently very stupid!!  I went out late last nite (around 10:30 or so) to go pick up my son's newest toy, the new Halo reach for him!!  Can a mom be any cooler than THAT???  LOL
But it was a nice time, although I know I'm going to be totally crippled up tomorrow for being out in the night air for 2 hours!!  But new game in hand, I stumbled back into the house at 12:32am and laid the bag on the dining room table and crawled up the stairs and now posting about my idiocy!!  LOL
Plus, another cool point in my favor---- I'm letting him stay home tomorrow so he can play it!   I don't feel bad about it at all now after seeing how many kids were up there to get the game and how many of them were saying they weren't going to school today, also lots of adults there saying they were going to skip work!  I was amazed.  School I can see, they are kids after all, but adults staying home from work to play a game????

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a performance!!

Tonight I had the awesome chance to see a veteran of Broadway, film and music perform---Ms. Liza Minnelli!!  What a wonderful show it was! She sang songs from Cabaret and her new CD that comes out soon.  She even did her signature song "New York, New York" and had standing ovations at least 4 times.
Although she has '2 fake hips and a new knee', she was able to strut around the stage and do a heck of a show!!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010


Welcome to my blog!  I cannot promise to actively keep it up, but I will try my hardest to do so.  This is where I will show pictures of my cross stitching, whether it be a work in progress or a finished "masterpiece".  Hopefully you will enjoy my stitching as much as I enjoy the actual peace that comes from doing it.