Friday, September 24, 2010

Enjoying these last few days of warmth!

I've been thoroughly enjoying these last few days of summer and the first 2 days of autumn!  LOL  Every day has seen me outside on the front porch, reclining and stitching away while I listen to music!!  It's been blue skies, lots of sun and temperatures in MY range!! 
We have hit 90 degrees every day this week!  I love it!!  Everyone else in the house (especially hubby) have been griping about the heat, but me, I just bask away.  I have my spray bottle and I just spray water on my legs every so often-- sort of like basting a chicken while roasting, lol!!  :)
Unfortunately, there is a cold front coming (which I have been feeling for the past 3 days), so Friday will probably be the last day I have to totally enjoy the heat and sun!! 
So, today, I'll lie back in my recliner, put my headphones on and just stitch and listen!  Hopefully I'll even fall asleep for a little while!  That is another thing I love to do--fall asleep out in the sun!!

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