Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How stupid can I be?

Well, apparently very stupid!!  I went out late last nite (around 10:30 or so) to go pick up my son's newest toy, the new Halo reach for him!!  Can a mom be any cooler than THAT???  LOL
But it was a nice time, although I know I'm going to be totally crippled up tomorrow for being out in the night air for 2 hours!!  But new game in hand, I stumbled back into the house at 12:32am and laid the bag on the dining room table and crawled up the stairs and now posting about my idiocy!!  LOL
Plus, another cool point in my favor---- I'm letting him stay home tomorrow so he can play it!   I don't feel bad about it at all now after seeing how many kids were up there to get the game and how many of them were saying they weren't going to school today, also lots of adults there saying they were going to skip work!  I was amazed.  School I can see, they are kids after all, but adults staying home from work to play a game????

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